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2018 Toyota Prius 2018 August 2019


After an upgrade for the 2016 model year, including another motor and styling, the 2017 Toyota Prius accompanies more standard gear.

Indeed, even the base model incorporates forward crash cautioning with programmed crisis braking, versatile journey control, programmed high bars, and dynamic path control. It all arrives in a bundle called Toyota Safety Sense-P.

The powerplant remains an effective 1.8-liter four barrel mated to an electric engine and making a consolidated 121 pull.

The standard battery pack is a more established tech nickel-metal hydride. Upper models utilize a lithium-particle battery pack.

The Prius runs the board with Good scores from the IIHS, gaining the Top Safety Pick+ assignment.

It’s the most effective vehicle out and about without an electric attachment, getting an EPA-appraised 50/54 mpg City/Highway, 52 mpg Combined. The Two Eco show gets much more, with 53/58/56 mpg. That’s a 10 percent change over the past generation. And there’s a Prius that is more proficient, a module called Prius Prime that can go 22 miles on all-electric power. We survey it independently.


It’s difficult to envision show line classification being more confounding than that of the Toyota Prius family, with numerous adaptations utilizing the Prius mark name. (There’s Prius secured here, in addition to Prius v and Prius c. Then there’s Prius Prime.)

Prius Two ($24,685) accompanies a nickel-metal hydride. (There is no Prius One.)

Prius Two Eco ($25,165), Prius Three ($26,735), Prius Three Touring ($28,115), Prius Four ($29,135), and Prius Four Touring ($30,015) get lithium-particle batteries. (All costs are MSRP and do exclude goal charge.)

Prius Two models accompany a 6.1-inch infotainment touchscreen, 4.2-inch shading data show, 15-inch wheels, rearview camera, keyless start, LED headlamps, and that Toyota Safety Sense-P bundle.

Prius Two Eco includes a greater infotainment screen and route, Three Touring shows signs of improvement seating, Prius Four includes blind side screens, Prius Four Touring gets a 7.0-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, and greater wheels.


The sheetmetal got more etched for 2016, particularly the nose and sides, yet the backside got confused. The dark rooftop columns make the roofline drift, yet there are two little comma-formed tails that look abnormal, where they wrap around the sides of the hatch. They’re non-strong touches that influence the tail to look much higher than it is, in spite of the passed out base of the guard.

So, the egg-formed and air eco Prius looks particular.


There are more non-durable components in the lodge that are out and out conflicting. The way the dashboard wraps to the entryways makes the inside look perfect and refined, and we like the instrument show with upmarket shading screen, and the way the support clears into the huge touchscreen. But the plastics, finished or shiny, are flawed, and the containers are clunky. The accessible two-tone beige and dim upholstery looks more grown-up, however the discretionary pearlescent-white focus comfort scratches so effectively that they’ll offer you a $200 cover for it.

The front seats in the 2017 Prius are preferable reinforced and more agreeable over they were in 2015. The more costly models get eight-way control modification with lumbar help.

Most travelers will fit in the back, yet the incline of the roofline will make it difficult for exceptionally tall travelers to fit back there. The reinforces on the detachable back seats push those tenants to the center, pressing that third person. The raise seats split and crease.


The 1.8-liter inside ignition motor makes 95 strength, and the 53-kilowatt electric engine makes that 121 pull joined.

The batteries are situated under the back seat, regardless of whether it’s the base Two’s nickel-metal-hydride battery pack that has been in each Prius throughout the previous 20 years, or the lighter and more reduced lithium-particle battery pack that is in each other model in the line.

The motor isn’t as refined as the Chevy Volt’s, yet it’s calmer than it used to be; despite everything it tells you you’re in a Prius.

The ride is sufficient to influence you to overlook, at any rate for a couple of times amid the 65 miles that we drove it. Because the seating position is 2.3 inches lower than the 2015 model, it feels sportier. It feels like a smaller to average sized hatchback.


Throughout the most recent 20 years, the Prius has turned out to be solid, particularly as of late, with nickel-hydride batteries. Now lithium-particle batteries are here. To get 56 miles for every gallon for $25,000 is an amazing thing. However, the intrinsic bugaboo hasn’t left: don’t expect that sort of mileage in bumpy nation in chilly climate.

Driving impressions by The Car Connection.

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